Do your homework before the interview.

A crucial element in successful interview preparation is having significant knowledge about the hospital or company you are interviewing with so you can demonstrate your enthusiasm, as well as be able to articulate how your skills and values match those of the organization.  But these days, your research shouldn’t just come from a quick Google search or a glance at their website.  Using LinkedIn and other social media tools to review the background of the hospital and your interviewers could be just the leg up you need in this competitive job market.  Remember, you can never know “too much” about an organization and interviewers are always impressed when you can ask informed, intelligent questions.

Had Taylor Maddox done her homework maybe she would still be the Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart. Instead, Taylor’s money-fueled tendencies were at odds with Sacred Heart’s policies. Her preference for keeping patients with Cadillac health insurance plans in longer didn’t fit with their values. With rubbing everyone the wrong way, it was no surprise that Taylor was going to get the boot.

Focus on staying focused!

An interview is not a casual chat, it’s a meeting held with the purpose of determining if you have the skills, experience, character and motivation that the hiring manager is looking for. Listening and paying attention is just as important as answering questions because if you’re not paying attention, you’re not going to be able to give a good response.  Don’t be dreaming about the next scene you will be writing in your play, like J.D. here with the script for “Dr. Acula.” Your thoughts should be focused on the interview, not on your outside hobbies. There is plenty of other time to worry about the production of your tale of a vampire doctor.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken up!

Employers want people, not just skills and “Tell me about yourself” is one of the most common questions they will ask.  Don’t pretend to be someone else, like the Janitor who is notorious for pretending to be a doctor at Sacred Heart. This is your time to shine so be professional, but allow your personality to come through as you tell them all about your skills and experience.  Focus on your strengths and avoid bringing up skills that aren’t required for the position.  If you don’t know how to answer a question, just say so and ask for clarification. Remember, there’s no need to pretend to be someone you’re not like Janitor.

Don’t be a Bob Bummer – Attitude is key

Dr. Kelso’s life isn’t easy. His wife of 44 years is a wheelchair-bound paraplegic and he lost his beloved dog, Baxter. Disappointment in his family members’ choices is also a constant topic of discussion when chatting with Dr. Kelso. While we all have our personal lives, it can sometimes affect our attitudes and productivity at work, as well as the way we are perceived in a job interview. It’s important to remember to keep a line between your private life and work life. Your interviewer does not want to know all the details of your personal woes as it is likely to color their assessment of you. Avoid becoming a Bob Bummer like Dr. Kelso and sending the wrong message.

Interview Tips from ‘Scrubs’

So you’ve just landed yourself an interview for a wonderful job!  Now what?

Luckily for you, J.D. and the cast of characters at “Scrubs” can offer up some advice.  After all, aside from providing a half-hour of comedy, “Scrubs” focuses on the lives of medical practitioners.  In addition to making us laugh, the show teaches us a lot about how to behave, or rather, how not to behave in a professional work environment.  To explore this more, the good folks at Mountain Medical have gathered up some of the most memorable interview tips “Scrubs” has provided us through the years and will post them for you throughout the upcoming weeks.  We hope that while you prepare for your interview, you keep these tips in mind.  Good Luck!

Don Richard – Vlog13: Is your candidate pool like a desert?

Is your candidate pool like a desert?

Many hiring authorities believe at the beginning of an employment search that the talent pool will be plentiful. They quickly find that the best and brightest are hard to find and secure. It has never been more important to partner with a recruiter who can continuously market your organization the right way to the right people.

Please visit the MOUNTAIN MEDICAL website and give me a call. I can help you find the right person to match the position you wish to fill.

Don Richard – Vlog12: Do you have a recruiter by your side?

How important is to your organization to secure the very best talent possible? If you need to have the best people you need to have the best recruiter. Too many companies trust their recruitment efforts to a voice on the phone who tells them that they can help only to never hear from them again. You need to work with a recruiter who takes the time to get to know you and your organization inside and out. Choose wisely as it could be the difference between a long term employee helping your business grow versus an empty chair gathering dust.

Don Richard – Vlog11: Promising March Employment Numbers

Now is not the time to rest and hope that the employment sector gets better. It has never been more important to network with others in your field to stay ahead of the coming hiring wave. Candidates need to connect with recruiters who contact them about opportunities even if they are happy in their current role and Companies need to decide which recruiting firms they are going to work with going forward that can give them the best return on their investment.

Don Richard – Vlog10: critical job opening that needs to be filled quickly

We seek out experts in our everyday lives, plumbers, architects,  teaching professionals the list is endless. Why is it when there is a need to hire new staff companies not reaching out to recruitment  specialists more frequently? We are the experts in our field and the  ROI for the investment makes perfect sense in the current economic climate.

Don Richard – Vlog9: Disney Vacation, Customer Service & the Staffing Industry

While on vacation I noticed how great Disney customer service is. It got me thinking about the staffing industry and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you.