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Don’t be a Bob Bummer – Attitude is key

Dr. Kelso’s life isn’t easy. His wife of 44 years is a wheelchair-bound paraplegic and he lost his beloved dog, Baxter. Disappointment in his family members’ choices is also a constant topic of discussion when chatting with Dr. Kelso. While we all have our personal lives, it can sometimes affect our attitudes and productivity at work, as well as the way we are perceived in a job interview. It’s important to remember to keep a line between your private life and work life. Your interviewer does not want to know all the details of your personal woes as it is likely to color their assessment of you. Avoid becoming a Bob Bummer like Dr. Kelso and sending the wrong message.

Don Richard – Vlog9: Disney Vacation, Customer Service & the Staffing Industry

While on vacation I noticed how great Disney customer service is. It got me thinking about the staffing industry and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you.

Don Richard – Vlog5: Retailization of Health Care in America

What are the new health care models we will see over the next few years and what mergers and acquisitions will emerge thanks to health care reform policies? Are we heading toward a “Retailization of Health Care in America” and what are the effects?

Affordable Care Act; Vlog3

Vlog3. Some thoughts on the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

Have we been talking about the right policies? Why aren’t we talking about incentives for medical students to go into primary care or the fact that there is no state-to-state consistency for medical malpractice premiums? What does it mean – “policies that make sense?”

How do we get ahead of this war for talent that is coming? So – are we going to have a discussion or will we just be saying buzz words that people want to hear.

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