Monthly Archives: December 2010

Don Richard -Vlog7: The Spirit of the Holidays

Something happened last year around this time that really changed my perception on the holidays and on society in general. It just goes to show that despite hardships that everyone is feeling and has felt in the past, we are always willing and at least should be willing to look out for each other and our neighbors. The idea that people are selfish or greedy just doesn’t resonate with me anymore. The people in my local community have proven that concept wrong. I just wanted to share my experience with you. I hope more people are out there that would take the time and the effort to help out another person.

Have a very happy & safe holiday season!

Don Richard – Vlog6: Yes Virginia, There Are Ethical Recruiters

The recruiting industry in general has a poor reputation for taking good care of candidates and clients. Clients need to take a closes look at who is representing them to potential candidates and candidates need to take an even closer look at who is speaking on their behalf to clients that may be interested in hiring them. The time has come to rid the industry of unethical and not certified “recruiters”.

Don Richard – Vlog5: Retailization of Health Care in America

What are the new health care models we will see over the next few years and what mergers and acquisitions will emerge thanks to health care reform policies? Are we heading toward a “Retailization of Health Care in America” and what are the effects?